Welcome To Dividend Explorer

We aim to bring you an easy and functional overview of financial assets that are paying dividends. Our service aims to provide an insight in financial assets that will soon pay out a dividend and provide a score that can be used to assess the listed asset. We currently focus on stocks but will soon add other dividend paying financial assets.

How can you use our service?

To see upcoming ex-dividend dates for stocks click on the Upcoming Dividend Payouts button in the menu. A list will appear with assets that have declared a dividend in the near future will appear. The color of the line in the table shows you if the stock is a buy (green) or we are neutral (white) or when we advise against buying the stock (red). You can also limit the list to a specific sector product or exchange, click on Dividends By Sector, Dividends By Product or Dividends by exchange.

Can I Quickly Check A Ticker?

Yes you can, enter the desired ticker here:
Enter the ticket of a financial asset.

How is the score for a dividend stock calculated?

We score all assets based on a normalized calculation of 5 measures.
  • Dividend Yield in past year
  • In order to gauge the quality of a dividend paying asset the amount payed out must be of some significance. A too low dividend barely beats inflation. A dividend that is too high can show deeper issues with the asset.
  • -P/E Ratio
  • The P/E ratio checks how the asset is priced. The P/E ratio can be to high: this means the stock is valued for future earnings. A price based on potential future earnings is risky when investing for long term dividend payouts.
  • Debt To Equity
  • This ratio is an indicator of the debt: how much leverage does the company still have to invest and expand. A higher ration usually stands for a higher investment and expansion rate, but also comes with a higher risk.
  • Price Target
  • Market research companies regularly publish price targets for stocks. To gauge the bullishness of bearishness of a stock we take the average of the most recent price targets.
  • Capital Appreciation
  • This fifth measure tracks the stock performance in the past 5 years.

    A stock that scores near to 100% scores well on all 5 measures. The measures guarantee that our scoring filters out only the financial assets of a higher quality. The resulting page shows a scorecard with a short review of the measures and the score.
    We also add a graph of the asset's performance of the past 5 years. It gives us a visual clue of where the stock is heading and how the dividends are being distributed.

    Below is a good example of a stock that has been appreciating historically and paying back dividends. This example not only would have returned almost 16% on the initial buyprice in 2014, it also gave us a nice capital gain.
    Dividend Explorer Stats Example

    Why should you invest in good dividend stocks?

    Dividend yielding stocks allow you to reap rewards of a stock without having to sell the stock. Dividend stocks generate a returning income. This type of stock is ideal to build a protofolio that is paying the investor each month, quarter or year with a reward for investing in the company. The investor can use this dividend to further grow his financial assets or use it as recurring income during her or her retirement. Selling stock can also lead to additional transaction costs at your broker, divident payouts do not. However please note that dividends income can be taxed depending on the account type you are holding and the country where you are paying your taxes.